Noor Shamilah Binti Mohamed Ismail

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cheng San-Seletar Blk 502 (CC)

Noor Shamilah Binti Mohamed Ismail
8 Oct 2019

Post Activity of the S.E.A Aquarium

Teacher Nishah discussed about their ‘Ocean Quest’ with the S.E.A Aquarium team. The children also remembered the names of the 3 manta Rays we have in the S.E.A Aquarium which was Mako, Manja and Mika. They have their own identity for us to identify them.

Teacher Nishah also recalled about the ship than sank into the sea is called Shipwreck.

Teacher Nishah is sharing about our scavenger hunt activity. There were some groups of children who couldn’t find the Groupers. 

Our Chloe Lim shared about her drawings of what she observed in the S.E.A Aquarium. She drew the Hammer Head Shark, Sea star and the Manta Ray.

Daniel shared about his drawings too. He drew the Giant Spider Crab.

Lucas Cheok also shared about his drawing on the visit to S.E.A Aquarium. He drew the Manta Ray (Mako). Teacher Nishah acknowledge their drawings and appreciate their work. 

This drawing was done by Nihaal. He drew clown fish, Manta Ray and Hammerhead Shark. 

In the end Teacher Nishah reinforced on reduce the use of plastics because the plastic will pollute the sea.

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