Justina Yeow

Posso Preschool @ Jurong East

Justina Yeow
28 Sep 2023

Posso Preschool @ Jurong East Fundraising Activities

Since early July, our children from Posso Preschool @ Jurong East took part in various fundraising activities to raise funds.

On 7th July, we had our first fundraising sale. We sold the ‘Orangutan’s Diet’, which were cookies in the shape of various fruits and leaves. In that following week, we had our second fundraising sale. We sold the ‘Orangutan’s Diet’ and ‘Orangutan’s Favourite Fruit – Durian’, which were mousse cakes in the shape of a durian.

On 27th July, we had our third fundraising sale. We sold artworks done by the K1 and K2 children. The K2s did their own drawings and coloured them, whereas the K1s coloured what the teachers drew.

On 3rd August, we had our fourth and finale fundraising sale. We sold recyclable tote bags that our PG, N1 and N2 children made. The children stamped their tote bags based on the stencil they chose, and the N2 children added their own artistic flair to their totes.

After deducting the expenses, we have raised a total of $1005.55. This amount has been donated to our SSBD community partner this year — Mandai Wildlife Reserve, under the Adopt-An-Animal scheme. We have adopted an Orangutan named Khansa!

Here are some pictures from our fundraising journey. We can’t wait to take part in next year’s SSDB! Till next time ~

Posso Preschool @ Jurong East

Teacher Zihui

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