Chermaine Chong Hui Ting

Skool4kidz @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow

Chermaine Chong Hui Ting
7 Jun

Pop, Pop, Popcorn! Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow

Children were shown corn kernels and learned that these small, hard seeds are what transform into popcorn when heated. They were encouraged to touch and examine the kernels to become familiar with their size and texture.

The children observed the teacher as she placed some corn kernels into the machine, eagerly watching to see what would happen when the machine was turned on. They were amazed as the first kernel popped, and their excitement grew as more kernels followed, rapidly transforming into fluffy popcorn. Their faces lit up with wonder, some pointing and giggling, while others clapped in delight. The teacher explained the science behind the process, describing how the heat caused the moisture inside each kernel to turn into steam, building pressure until the kernel exploded.

The teacher gave the children some popcorn to try. Afterwards, she added honey and invited the children to describe the taste. She also emphasized the importance of eating small portions to promote healthy eating habits.

First, the teacher distributed small servings of plain popcorn to each child. The children eagerly tasted the freshly popped snack.

Next, the teacher introduced honey as an additional flavor. She explained that honey adds a natural sweetness and demonstrated how to drizzle it over the popcorn, ensuring an even coating.

After the children tried the honey-coated popcorn, the teacher asked them to share their thoughts on the new flavour. The children described the taste as sweet and delightful.

The teacher then talked about the importance of eating small portions. She explained that while popcorn, especially with healthy toppings like honey, can be a nutritious snack, it’s important to enjoy it in moderation. Eating small portions helps maintain a balanced diet and prevents overeating.

The children enjoyed eating their popcorn with their peers!

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