Goh Bee Lin

Pearlbank Montessori Kindergarten

Goh Bee Lin
4 May


April 22 - our Mother’s Earth birthday! We are a bunch of enthusiastic kids from Pearlbank Montessori Kindergarten and we wish to share that we had a blasting time celebrating this special day - singing birthday song to our Mother Earth, playing Earth Day Freeze Dance, learning about the origin of Earth Day, making a Happy Earth Day crown and going outdoor for some planting fun! Our teachers also took the opportunity to lead us in launching our “Start Small Dream Big” service learning project yesterday which will focus on the theme of Saving Gaia this year.  We planted the Bayam seeds given by Npark in our school garden using recyclables. Our teachers said they are going to work with our parents to organise a Farmer’s Market for us to sell the vegetables after harvesting them! The sales proceeds will be donated to a charity to bless the people in need. Wow! This sounds very exciting! We can’t wait to see our vegetables growing up! The idea of pretend play of running a Farmer’s Market seems fun too!

Do look out for more updates from us, cheers!

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