Milagros de Montessori School @ Queen’s Close

8 Sep 2020

Planting seeds of Love, Kindness and Compassion…..

Our little ones had been singing this song everyday about, “Happiness is something you give it away, and it comes right back to you”. We brainstormed about how happy they are to have all that they have in life and they should be thankful for everything they are blessed with. They were also introduced to lesser privileged humans in the society and what difference we can make by giving back to our community.

We at Milagros, aspire to nurture each child holistically to build a stronger character so that they develop real-world skill and make impact to the society and be an active and responsible citizen. Through “Start Small Dream Big” Project, we planted the idea about how as children we can help the needy and give back to the society. Out little ones were introduced to the value of care for others, humility, kindness and compassion. We discussed about how we as children can help the lesser privileged. They came out with brilliant ideas and willingness to share their own toys and books for this kind deed!

Finally, after discussing we shared the idea about helping the Seniors at the Sri Narayana Mission, who needed care and how we can help them with our small deed. We discussed the idea about planting seeds and growing our own plant and how we can raise fund for this noble cause. They were excited about the whole idea about planting seed and nurturing it and we could see how they were looking forward to start small to make our dream come true!

We are happy to have planted the seed of Love, Kindness and Compassion in our little ones and feel accomplished when we see them bloom! 

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