Sharifah Nariesha Binte Syed Mosazeamie

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Queenstown Blk 53A (CC)

Sharifah Nariesha Binte Syed Mosazeamie
25 Aug 2021

Plant My Greens

For our 2021 SSDB project, our school embarked on journey to learn how we can plant our own vegetables and learn how to take care of them! We used upcycled plastic bottles of different sizes into our planting pots. Our N1-K2 children were heavily engaged during our SSDB Launch or also known as our Planting Day! Children had the opportunity to scoop their own soil and get their recycled pots ready for our microgreen seeds! We planted different types of seed such as lettuce, brocolli, carrots and pak choy!

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