Lau Wen Xuan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodlands Blk 801 (CC)

Lau Wen Xuan
6 Jun 2023

PCF Sparkletots @ Woodlands Blk 801                                                 SSDB project: Sembawang Beach Cleaning cum Parents Day

Start Small Dream Big 2023 Parents Day celebration - 27th May 2023

On the 27th of May, PCF Sparkeltots @ Woodlands Blk 801 organised a parents day outing with the theme “care for the environment”.

For the first part of the outing, pictures of different beach scenarios were shown, encouraging the children and their parents to engage in discussions on what happened to the beach, who caused it and how we can prevent our beaches from becoming what they saw in the pictures. Then, the children and their parents went down to the beach for a clean up session, allowing them to understand how they can play their part in caring for the environment and keeping the beach clean.

In the next part of the celebration, the children created an upcycled tote bag using an old t-shirt that they brought from home. The bag was then put into use as they used the bags they created with their parents to collect snacks. This activity allowed the children to understand how they can upcycle  old items to create new things that are useful.

It was a successful and fulfilling event and we hope that this event helped inspire our children to care for their environment.

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