Jonita Gaylene Lee

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 424 (CC)

Jonita Gaylene Lee
5 Jul 2019

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee 424 at East Coast Park: Eco-friendly picnic + beach clean up

Our centre headed to East Coast Park for the day to have a Eco-friendly picnic by the beach. Prior to our visit, the children and teachers discussed ways we can reduce our waste while still being able to enjoy a picnic by the beach. We packed bananas and sandwiches to enjoy and were conscious not to use disposable cutleries or tableware. We set up recycled picnic mats to sit on and were careful not to leave litter around.

Following that, we walked around the beach to pick up litter. We used tongs for this activity for safety purposes and were conscious not to use plastic gloves in order to reduce usage of plastic and reduce waste. We found so much litter including plastic bottles, bottle caps, straws, nets, cable ties, plastic wrappers, plastic bags, styrofoam boxes, disposable plastic cutlery, metal cans and many others.

Although it was a tiring day as the children put in a lot of effort to comb the beach to pick up litter, it was a very fulfilling one and the children were very proud of themselves for being able to play a part in helping to keep out beaches clean to save our marine life!

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