Nurul Afiqah Binte Jasmani

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 748 (CC)

Nurul Afiqah Binte Jasmani
12 Sep 2023

PCF SPARKLETOTS Ayer Rajah Gek Poh BLK 748 (CC) - Sustainability (Aquaponics)

Sustainability – Aquaponics

Children learnt about sustainability through aquaponics gardening. They were introduced to the symbiotic relationship between marine animals and plants. Children learnt how the plants and fish depend on each other for survival and benefits in the aquaponics system. They also learnt their role in being compassionate and caring for the plants and fish in order to ensure that this symbiotic relationship continues and sustainability is attained. The children realise the importance of roster and responsibility too as they look forward to take charge of feeding the fishes and harvesting the plants. They also learnt how plant scraps can be replanted to and regrow contributing to lesser food waste.

Through aquaponics gardening, the children were able to see how we can grow plants and keep the fish healthy while still saving water, space and land. Children were also able to see how these plants grow organically without the need of synthetic fertilisers as they absorb the waste that comes from the fishes.

The children feed the fishes in the aquaponics whereby the fish will then produce waste that will be converted into nitrates to fertilize the plants.

The children created posters to promote awareness on benefits of aquaponics.

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