Siti Nariah Binte Abdul Rahim

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok Blk 178 (CC)

Siti Nariah Binte Abdul Rahim
28 Sep

Part 3: TRASHformers

In the month of July, the Centre has launched our very first ‘TRASHformer’ project; This initiative showcases the set of recycling bins for Plastic, Paper and Metal that we have created. We decided to go for a minimalistic design which differs from the norm. We hope to make our efforts to care for the environment known through these ‘puzzle-like’ bins. 

Children painted the recycled boxes black and used the art technique of STENCILLING to outline the Singapore landmarks which was in line with the Term 3 theme on Our Singapore. We carefully planned the design to ensure that individuals who want to recycle are informed of the do’s and don’ts for each box. This is achieved by pasting the specific rules on top of each box. 

Part 3: TRASHformers was our biggest milestone for this year’s SSDB project as we received the highest percentage of participation from the students, their parents and neighbours; the items we received ranges from used cardboards, old storybooks to milk cartons. The bins are filled to the brim! We hope to continue this effort for many years to come 🥰

Here’s a video summary of our TRASHformer project. Sit back and enjoy! ❤️

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