Ainnal Mardiah Bte Ali

7oaks Preschool - Sembawang

Ainnal Mardiah Bte Ali
29 Aug 2017

Paper Making Project

The Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 children experienced making paper using recycled newspapers. Parents contributed the recycled newspapers by donating them into the Newspaper Recycling box located at the Parents’ Corner.

We started the project by watching a video on the paper-making process. We also brainstormed on the importance of saving paper as well as the steps to make paper.

We went on to make their own paper using recycled newspapers.

We tore the papers into small pieces and soaked in a tub of water overnight.

Next, we grabbed a handful of newspaper and placed it into the blender. We poured water into the blender.

When the paper turned into pulp, we poured the pulp into a tub of water. We repeated the process until there was enough pulp in the tub. 

Next, we use the sieve to collect the paper pulp, shook it to remove excess water and then use sponges to absorb the excess water.

We let the paper dry under the sun and then cut into rectangles when done to make bookmarks.

We decorated the paper to make bookmarks to be given to the elderly at REACH Senior Care.

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