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Wei Ting
18 Sep 2023

Overnight  Camp

On 7th July 2023, the K1 and K2 children of Carpe Diem MI Schoolhouse and Carpe Diem MI Preschool collaborated in a meaningful project – THE OVERNIGHT CAMP.

This special event marked another significant milestone in the children’s holistic development.

This 2-days-1-night event aims to enhance children’s interdependence, team bonding, love for the nature and a healthy lifestyle through the various activities.


Before setting off, an important introduction was conducted by our experienced teacher.

Children listened attentively and were encouraged to express their opinions and ask questions regarding the event.

Come and join us in this exciting journey!


Our first stop – Jurong Lake Gardens!

Taking a stroll through the park, we learn to appreciate our Mother Nature.

Fresh air, sunshine, the birds singing,

how wonderful our nature is!

Say “Hi” to the teachers and friends from

Carpe Diem MI Preschool!

Beautiful memories of the nature are being captured through our narrative drawings!

A great getaway from all the electronic devices!!

The great friendship we have!

Jumping up and down! Let’s sweat it out!

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!

Busy bees at work…


(adding more colours and details to our drawings)

A Show-&-Tell session to showcase our beautiful drawings!


A gentle exercise to help us relax and keep fit!

The first sleepover in the school without our parents!

How exciting!

“Don’t’ worry, Daddy and Mummy!

We are your brave little angels!

Good night and sweet dreams, everyone!”

Lights Off

Good morning!Rise and Shine!

Yummy breakfast before we head home!

Thank you everyone, for the fun time and beautiful memories!

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