Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah Blk 305 (CC)

Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual
14 Jul 2022

Out of This World Adventure! One Family, One Community, One Earth #outerspace #SSDB2022

As we continue our SSDB 2022 journey, the children were involved into an out of this world learning journey as we had outer space as our theme. The objective of this theme is to teach the children the importance of taking taking care of planet Earth as it is the only living planet.

The whole classroom were set-up and decorated into outer space theme. The children’s artwork were displayed all over the class to reinforce the learning theme. The parents also helped to complete mini-projects together with their child as part of our family involvement. 

The children pretended to be astronauts, the dramatic corner were set-up like a space station. The children explored the learning materials and props which all made from recycled materials.

The children were involved into different outer space and Earth activities. Through this activities, the children learnt information about things in the outer space and they also appreaciate the planet Earth more.

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