Bibi Fernaz Ashraf

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marine Parade Blk 46 (DS)

Bibi Fernaz Ashraf
13 May

Our Wheel of Friendship: 21st April 2022 PCF Marine Parade Blk 46

As we moved into large group discussions with the students on Recycling; time was allocated to each student to allow them to bring in recycling materials after explaining to the students what kind of categories there were, paper, metal and plastic.

The students were exhilarated with the thoughts of small initiatives that would eventually contribute greatly to saving the Earth. Together with the teachers per class, the segregation of the recyclable materials was done together and we started off to make a toy craft to express our appreciation to our friends.

This craft made with toilet rolls, painted upon and with bottles caps is known as ‘The Wheel of Friendship’.

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