Yvonne Chen

SJCK (Harding)

Yvonne Chen
3 Jul

Our SSDB Launch - I am a special agent!

As part of our efforts in Start Small Dream Big 2020 to make ‘A caring and inclusive home for all’, the question was posed to the children: “What is a community?”

“Our family, friends, Uncles and Aunties working around us!”

“Also the plants and animals too!”

In line with our current project work on ‘Once Upon A Story’, we recalled the 2 books that we read ‘The really really hot day’ and ‘A very big storm’ written by Emily Lim, our local Author. We learnt the importance of Co-operation and Community through this 2 books. After reading the stories, we are inspired and therefore decided that we are going to advocate and raise awareness about how we can make the homes of these animals - The Rainforest - a caring and inclusive homes for the them! 

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