Nuraisyah Binte Mohd Zin

Bright Kids @ 173D Punggol Field

Nuraisyah Binte Mohd Zin
1 Aug

Our Little Tree Savers

In the month of June and July, our Little Tree Savers embarked fully on their journey in SSDB Project by taking up different roles from toilet rolls inventory, putting up posters, collecting and sorting recycled materials and patrolling in the toilet to ensure that everyone plays a part in keeping the environment clean, conserving water and reducing the use of tissue papers.

Simultaneously, we looked into ways on how we can reduce, reuse or recycle papers in our school. After collecting recycled materials such as newspapers, books, magazines and used printed papers contributed by our parents, we have decided to make our very own papers! We had multiple attempts and trials and errors in making our DIY paper and it sure was not easy but we did it anyways!

We look forward to many more activities ahead and work towards collaborating with our parents for our project!

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