Garcia Eryka Ma Gabrielle Medina

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Hong Kah Blk 447 (CC)

Garcia Eryka Ma Gabrielle Medina
30 Sep 2019

Our K1 and K2 Water Ambassadors @ Work!

Our water ambassadors designed their own “Save Water” posters to create awareness and educate their younger friends from the Nursery and Toddler classes on good water practices and how to save water in our own little ways.

Aside from our posters, we also displayed the “Water Saving Tips” poster provided by PUB and shared it with the rest of the children in the centre. 

Another activity that was tasked for the water ambassadors, towards learning the importance of water conservation, was water rationing. “What will it be like if there was not enough clean water for everyone’s usage and consumption?”

Our teachers conducted a “Water Rationing Day” in which each class was only provided with 1500ml of water to be used for washing hands and to top up the water bottles for consumption. At first, the children thought that it was a fun activity but towards the end of the water rationing process, they realised that it was not an easy or fun task.

The water ambassadors grew concerned when the water amount began depleting by mid-morning and a long day awaited all of them with outdoor activities, lunch and afternoon snack!

With this realization, they worked as a group and began thinking of strategies on how to reduce unnecessary usage so as to save the water that was rationed to them.

The teachers made sure that children’s learning was reinforced through this activity and that they are more aware and understand the value of water. They also shared and reminded the children of the reasons on why we embarked on this saving water project through SSDB and why we need to be mindful with the usage of water.

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