Chong Oi Li

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 157 (kn)

Chong Oi Li
4 Sep 2017

Our Journey towards 'Start Small Dream Big 2017'

May 2017 - Since rice dumplings are traditionally eaten during Dragon Boat Festival, thus the school offered opportunity for children to learn the art of wrapping and tying rice dumplings.

Parents are so dear and important to everyone, therefore the school specially dedicated a day for children to express their love by composing a ‘Happy Parents’ Day’ song to their parents.

To show love to all mothers on Mother’s Day, the school organized a special baking session for children and their mother to spend quality time in learning how to bake treats galore.

July 2017 - To ensure every child receives proper eye vision care, the Health Promotion Board conducts yearly eye check for children. This aims to educate children the general eye care and good reading habits.

To affirm the important of preserving racial and religious harmony, children dressed in multicultural outfits celebrating the success together as a harmonious nation built onto a rich diversity cultural and heritage.

To expose children through the wonders of improvisational drama, the school brought them to ACT 3 Drama Academy. Children were able to make sense of their own identify by exploring meaningful functional situations that have parallels in the real world. 

August 2017 - Singapore comes alive on National Day, when it celebrates its independence and nationhood with magnificent parade and dazzling fireworks. In school, children dressed in national colours and engaged in various fun-filled activities. 

HDB’s Friendly Faces, Lively Place encouraged children to enliven communal areas such as how to interact with the neighbours and caring for their neighbours. Through the storytelling, activities and board games session, children were able to interpret and understanding HDB’s message – to be polite, amiable and considerate to one’s neighbours.

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