Ng Xue Ting (Huang Xueting)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol West Blk 222 (CC)

Ng Xue Ting (Huang Xueting)
22 Aug 2021

Our Digital Thank You Adventure!

With the current state of affairs regarding the Covid-19 virus, we at Sparkletots 222 Sumang Lane recognise the importance of our Community Helpers more than ever. In association with this year’s Start Small Dream Big Project Theme ‘Stay Connected, Make a Difference’, the teachers have discussed with the Nursery 1 and Toddler children to create Care Kits for the Community Helpers around our school Compound.

As a lot of outdoor and external trips have been cancelled due to the prevalence of the virus, we have decided to connect with these Community Helpers digitally through Zoom. The children were excited over the idea of creating gifts for them, and learnt about the job scopes of these helpers through interactive talks and activities.

After the planning was done, the children and teachers then decided on creating some simple gifts (mainly cookies and gift cards) to show their appreciation .

The Toddler children created their gift cards using small sponge stamps and paint. They then dabbed on the paint to create little hearts for the cards.

The Nursery 1 children painted their palms with pastel paint and ink and imprinted onto their gift cards to create little butterflies.

After all the appreciation cards were created, the children then began creating the cookies for the Care Kits. With some help from the teachers, the Toddlers were able to mix the ingredients together and flatten the dough for the cookies.

The Nursery 1 children were able to crack the eggs and pour the ingredients into the mixing bowls with some guidance from the teachers. They then mixed the ingredients together, rolled and flattened their cookies.

When all the items were ready, the teachers worked together to pack the Care Kits up for distribution.

The next day, the children were delighted to see the completed Care Kits!

The children talked excitedly about how the Care Kits were about to be distributed to the different Community Helpers around their school, and eagerly got ready to embark on the adventure digitally with their teachers.

And off we go!

First off, we went to St Luke’s Eldercare Centre to thank them for taking great care of our Senior Citizens! 

We then walked to Dr Joyce’s Family Clinic to thank them for taking care of us when we are sick. Some of the children were able to recognise the clinic through Zoom, and pointed it out enthusiastically!

Thirdly, we made our way to the neighbourhood Sheng Siong Supermarket to thank the grocery workers for always being there to supply us with important necessities. The children were also able to point out that they went there often with their parents to buy items for their homes.

Lastly, we journeyed onto M Y World Preschool to thank the teachers there for educating and taking care of all our friends!

Great job, everyone! A fantastic way to end our SSDB 2021 Journey, and thank you all for joining us through it. Thank you once again to the Community Helpers for all that you do!

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