Diana Syahidayu Binte Muhamad Daud

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yuhua Blk 264 (CC)

Diana Syahidayu Binte Muhamad Daud
24 Nov 2020

Our Cleaning Heroes Final Part - PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yuhua Blk 264

During our last monthly centre cleaning session, we finally distributed our care kits to our Cleaning Heroes! The children observed what our Cleaning Heroes were doing - cleaning the fans, wiping the windows, etc. 

Once their work is completed, the children approached our Cleaning Heroes to pass the care kits to them. The children thanked each Cleaning Hero for helping to keep our centre clean!

The teacher then invited our centre cleaners to join too as they also play a major part in keeping the centre clean daily. The children thanked them too for helping to sweep and mop the centre, wash the toilets, cooking for us daily, etc. 

Our Cleaning Heroes shared that they felt appreciated and recognised for all the work that they have done, especially with the rising need to keep our centres disinfected and clean daily.

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