Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
20 Jun 2020

NurtureStars Punggol nurturing the next generation of Water Warriors - Part 1!

In commemoration of World Water Day 2020, the ‘Water Warriors’ of NurtureStars from Pre- Nursery Two to Kindergarten Two classes embarked on various projects and activities to learn and incorporate the importance of water conservation in their daily lives!

Lessons of the importance of water began early when the children entered school for breakfast! And as a testament to Russell M. Nelson’s quote, ‘You are never too young to learn, never too old to change’, here’s what our classes of Pre-Nursery Two Water Warriors and their teachers did for our Water Saving Campaign:

Anyssa shows a clean bowl and spoon as Ms Vanessa, her class teacher explains that we need water to wash our utensils.

Xuan Wen shows us a bowl and spoon which have been used for breakfast. It is now dirty. Ms Vanessa explains that we need water to wash our utensils. Children were asked if they would like to eat lunch using that same utensils and they said ‘NO!’ Ms Vanessa explains that when there is water scarcity, we will not have enough water to wash our utensils clean. We will not have enough water to clean our homes, schools, surroundings and even ourselves. We will not even have water to mix with our formula milk powder! ‘Oh no!’ exclamined the milk lovers! 😱

Aiden volunteers to help carry the container filled with soiled dishes to the trolley as we headed to the kitchen to watch the cleaning process of the utensils.

Helpful army of Water Wariors marching to the kitchen while Ms Vanessa reinforces that water is essential for keeping everything clean as they stopped to look around the different areas in the school.

Explaining the purpose of their visit to our school Chef while helping with the utensils!

Watching the washing process of the soiled utensils while Ms Vanessa explains that Madam Asmah, our kitchen helper, practices water saving methods of washing dishes filled in a container mixed with dishwashing liquid by giving them a good scrub.

And quickly rinsing them under running water with reduced water flow from the tap to ensure squeaky clean utensils for our Water Warriors!


Fun element was incorporated as we collaborated with PUB who graciously loaned us their, ‘Let’s Go Save WATER! life sized board game! The Water Warriors participated in the game as teachers inculcated the importance

of saving water and protecting the environment! At the end of the game, our Water Warriors were able to state at least 4 ways to save water with teacher’s prompts!

For closure, they had an drawing activity where they drew dots, lines and wavy lines inside the outline of a water droplet using chalk as the learnt about using reduced water flow whenever they turn the tap on! Way to Water Warriors from Pre-Nursery Two! #letsgosavewater

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