Liyana Binte Ibrahim

Learning Vision @ Novena

Liyana Binte Ibrahim
8 Oct 2019

No plastic is fantastic! (SSDB Closure)

As for our SSDB closure, children worked together with Plasticlite SG and Our Tampines Hub. We placed our T-shirt bags that were made by the children at the “boucebag wall” located at the entrance of NTUC, an idea initiated by Plasticlite. This wall allows customers of the supermarket to use the bag when doing their grocery shopping and bring it back the next time to return. 

Furthermore, children were given the opportunity to experience using their bags when shopping for items at NTUC during checkout. 

To show children some ways of reusing plastic, OTH gave the children the opportunity to visit the eco-garden. At the end of the tour, children got to use the plastic Yakult bottles or yoghurt cups they have collected after consuming in school to plant some plants like sweet corn. Their plants were then brought back to school for them to take care and grow the plants. 

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