Lee Ah Hiang

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yew Tee Blk 682 (KN)

Lee Ah Hiang
13 Nov 2023


The K2 kids decided to visit and perform for the seniors before they embark on their journey to primary school. So we had a three days trip to Senja Senior Care@ Bukit Panjang on 31st Oct, Sparkle Care @ Yew Tee on 6th Nov and Econ Medicare @ Choa Chu Kang on 7th Nov 2023.

During our debrief, we got the kids to vote which Centre’s seniors feel happier about our visit. The kids that voted for Senja felt that most of the seniors participated in their workout. They even asked the kids to perform a second round. They must have enjoyed watching their Kung fu😆.

The kids that voted for Sparkle Care shared that Ah Gongs and Ah Mahs smile alots when they watched them performed.They clapped and cheer for them.

Those that voted for Econ shared that the seniors enjoyed the process of the art activity because the seniors talk and interact with them. A few kids even shared that their Ah Mahs smiled when they gave them a thumb up for completing the artworks.

It’s so heartwarming to know that the kids observed such ittle details during their interaction with the seniors. We hope that they can continue to contribute to community as they graduates from Sparklelots. Not only do we want our children to be kind and caring, when they engage in kind acts, they will become happier over time.

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