Melissa Ching Sue Teng

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol Shore (EY)

Melissa Ching Sue Teng
24 Sep

Neighbourhood Collection! - Our Green City (part 4)

The children handed out leaflets to their neighbours for the collection of recycled materials. The leaflet briefly informed neighbours about the project and collection drive. Together with their parents, the children had opportunities to spread the message of the 3Rs and the purpose of our collection. The collected recyclables would be used to educate the children on how to sort different materials into their appropriate recycling bins. Not to forget, the children gave out their little bookmarks they decorated to their neighbours as a token of appreciation. Here are some snapshots of their efforts documented by our helpful parents!

Leaflets that were given out

We are thankful for the overwhelming support and participation of the community around us! The children were masked up and safe distancing was practised throughout the collection process :)

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