Chia Pui Kuan

Moral Child Development Centre(Chee Hoon Kog)

Chia Pui Kuan
11 Sep

N2 children SSDB Gardening Journal-Coriander and Onion

It was truly a fruitful experience for the N2 Talented Tulips Class! 

The journey began with hands-on experience with real soil and seeds.

The eager young ‘farmers’ looked all geared up with their bright ‘Start Small Dream Big’ hats!

They learned how to use the small shovel, real soil, seeds, spray bottles and the importance of the presence of sunlight, water and air. They also learned that they did not need seeds to grow onions. They were amazed that onions could be grown from onions!

It is really a fact that children love real life activity, using real materials and real experience. The dirt from the soil did not disturb them at all! In fact, they enjoyed losing up the soil before they sprinkled the seeds on it then watered it!

None of them refused to touch the soil, the seeds, the onions! They came to school with the enthusiastic to water their plants. They also learned that for their plants to grow, not just water, sunlight and air that are needed but just enough amount of water, just enough sunlight and air. The temperature must be right too! Too much of sunlight or water might damper the growth of young plants.

For comparison, children used water not soil to grow onion shoots. They were so thrilled to look at the long roots in the water that grew from the stem of the onions.

Finally, the joy in class exploded! The children were jumping joyfully to see their coriander seeds and onion shoots had grown!

I am very sure that the children are looking forward to do another project from Start Small Dream Big in the near future! Thank you indeed for the learning opportunity!

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