MY World @ Tampines Changkat

30 Jul

MY Mozzie-nators @ MY World @ TMPCKT

I wonder what can we do to prevent dengue fever?

The children discovered that dengue is a problem that has been existing in our neighbourhood by figuring out the meaning behind the different dengue alert colours. 

They discovered ways to keep our school Mozzie-Free by doing the Mozzie Wipeout and creating posters to put up around the school to remind remind others of the things we can do to prevent the Aedes mosquito reproducing. 

As we delved into how we can prevent dengue, the children talked about the mosquito patches and repellents that they use in the school. We then went into the inquiry of whether it is possible for us to make our own insect repellents.

The teacher went to search for antimozzie plants and the children suggested that we can plant this in the nature play garden at our school. 

They then found out about how these plants grow by using the search engines to find out the type of soil, amount of water and how to care for these anti mozzie plants (lemon balm, basil)

The children also reviewed the layout of our garden and suggested a space in our garden that we could plant our anti- mozzie plants.

Then came the most exciting part! Planting our seeds! 

Fingers crossed that they will grow well and we will be able to make our very own insect repellents soon! ☺️

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