MY World @ Tampines Changkat

2 Aug 2020

MY mozzie-nator @ MY world @ TMPCKT

The increasing amount of mosquitoes around in the community has brought huge concern to the people living around, including children, adults and even the senior citizens. Thus, children embarked on the journey, as a “mozzie-nator” to find out how people can protect themselves from mosquitoes.

In efforts to be an effective “mozzie-nator”, children went through a series of activities to discover more about mosquitoes, including the different parts and purpose of each part, life cycle as well as how mosquito bites are formed.

Children talked about the purpose of the banner around the neighbourhood and identified the different parts of the banner. They also discovered about the 5 steps mozzie wipeout and use their knowledge to identify ways of protecting themselves away from mosquitoes when they are in school. As part of their “mission” as a mozzie-nator, children created posters to educate their friends on how they can protect themselves when they are in school.

With all the knowledge that they are equipped with, they also created songs about mosquitoes in groups and sang their creation in front of their classmates.

As we continue the journey to “terminate” the mosquitoes in our school, children find out about plants that mosquitoes dislike and planted the seeds in the classroom.

Now, let’s wait for our plants to grow and watch us “terminate” the mosquitoes in our school!

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