Ma Rachelle Agravante

My Kiddie Klubhouse Pte Ltd

Ma Rachelle Agravante
11 Apr 2018

My Kiddie Klubhouse Launch Party

  • Ms. Joyce, My Kiddie Klubhouse principal, lead the cutting of ribbon which marks as the official beginning of our SSDB 2018 “Green Earth Warriors” Project. This project aims to promote environmental awareness wherein our MKK children will discover that they can do something to save the earth. The little efforts that children will put in goes a long way in contributing to reducing pollution and protecting the earth.
  • In the morning, children together with their parents brought variety of recycling materials. 
  • Teacher Rachelle introduced with the children the story of “What is INSIDE the RED Box.” Children learnt that even if they are still young they can do something to make SINGAPORE better and as early as now, they can start building dreams not only about themselves but their country as well.
  • Children enjoyed alot in making their Star Pledge Cards. They have shared about helping out their parents at home, respecting other children regardless of abilities, picking up litters on the sidewalks and conserving water and energy to Make Singapore Better. 
  • This was the first time that our centre participated in SSDB President Challenge. We are so proud of our children’s enthusiasm and motivation towards this project. Please continue to follow us as we walk through this new learning journey.

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