My First Skool @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

31 Jul 2020

My First Skool-Sembawang Shopping Centre's SSDB Launch Party-Bonding with our grandparents!

This project is led by Teacher Hanah and Ma Laoshi for the K2 class. We had our launch party on the 5th of April by inviting the Golden people in the children’s lives- Their Grandparents!

It was a rare moment for the children who were in awe of their grandparents joining them for a school event.

As our focus is on Caring and showing for the elderly, we decided that it was important for children to start serving their family first before reaching out to the community. As the saying goes- Charity begins at home!

We started the event by letting children watch a short video about respecting the elderly. Children then did a simple workout with their grandparents. There were lots of happy faces and laughter as the children led their grandparents for the workout. This was followed by a delicious breakfast spread for the children to enjoy with their grandparents.

The K2s pampered their granparents for a change by helping to serve them breakfast. Some were even feeding their grandmas. They were encouraged to help clear the table for their grandparents too! It was very heartwarming to see how supportive and happy the grandparents were. This event has certainly made the children and their grandparents bond closer. Next up- We are going to reach out to other elderly in the community!

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