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20 Jun 2020

My First Skool PR2 - Be Kind to One Another

My First Skool PR2 – Be kind to one another

On 5th June 2020, we had our launch party for SSDB!

The parents and children were introduced to SSDB – what it is all about and how they (the Nursery children) will be involved. The title of our SSDB Project is ‘Be Kind to One Another’, just like our classroom rule #7.

The content of the slides for our launch party consisted of who we are partnering with – Singapore Kindness Movement and a recap of our Home Based Learning activities that includes articles of people who did acts of kindness and acts of unkindness towards the essential workers – Nurses and also our Flower Heart Craft. We ended the session by reading a book about Kindness and questions asked to facilitate the children’s thinking and feelings.

The Flower Heart Craft that we did during the Home Based Learning Zoom session was successful, thanks to our supportive parents who took part in preparing and guiding the children to complete the task. It is a token of appreciation that will be awarded to our essential workers – those who have been working very hard to provide essential services and transportation services.

This week, we did an unpacking of the box that we received from SSDB. The children were very excited to put on the signature orange bucket hat and to pose with the items in the box.

The journey in life is always full of learning experiences. There are many ways for us to show kindness. “When we are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world” – Harold Kushner.

Here is a picture of the children practicing safe distancing, wearing the bucket hat and holding the items that was in the SSDB box! 

Below are pictures of the launch of SSDB that we had on 5th June 2020:

Here’s a recap of our Home Based Learning activities - we incorporated learning dispositions; kindness and appreciation.

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