Princess Aleighza

MY World @ Yishun Palm Breeze

Princess Aleighza
8 May

Mother’s Day Special

As part of our initiative to keep our ocean healthy, our children have created gifts out of recycled materials to honour their mothers on Mother’s Day and care for the ocean.

This activity was very meaningful for the children as they were able to create gifts for their mothers and at the same time practice recycling in school. They used plastic bottles, cardboards and newspapers to create colourful flowers with heartwarming notes.

Our children have learnt about the Three R’s and how to practise them in school. As a result, the children came up with an idea on how to create flowers for their mothers on Mother’s Day. During the activity, we have observed that our children were very hands on in creating the gifts. They even shared how they will surprise their moms with the flowers that they have created.

In this activity, we have learnt that we should not limit what our children can do to care for the environment. There’s a lot of opportunities for us to do to save the environment even when we’re introducing a different topic for them.

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