Siti Aida

Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park

Siti Aida
21 Mar

Molly Bus Visit- 10 January 2024 - A Day of Tales!

We were glad to be chosen to participate in this year’s Molly Bus visit by NLB. Our K1 & K2 children from Skool4kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park had the opportunity to experience being in a mobile library. Children browsed through different books and read together with their peers. They get to try the self- borrowing machine to borrow their chosen books too!

Our happy children posing with the Molly Bus. They were excited to hop on the bus and start their reading experience!

There were many varieties of books available for the children to browse through and books in different languages.

Teachers from K1 and K2 planned activities for the children on this day. These activities include storytelling, art & crafts, games and music and movement. These activities were carried out in various languages- English, Chinese, Malay.

The children were engaged in various artwork which created a meaningful and transformative experience that extends beyong artistic expression. It connects the young hearts and minds, fostering appreciation for diverse cultures while promoting understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Through their art activities, children made connections to the story they have read and the crafts they created.

We hope through this experience, children will learn to grow their love for reading. It creates an opportunity for both teachers and the children to make stories come alive!

We would like to thank Molly Bus (NLB) for visiting our centre to give an immersive experience for the children.

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