MOE Kindergarten @ Wellington

13 Oct

MK@WL - Sharing the Fruits of Labor

To wrap up our SSDB efforts for 2021, the children from MOE Kindergarten @ Wellington enjoyed the “fruits of their labours” and shared them with the people whom they are thankful for! Let’s check out the children in action!

Harvesting Vegetables

The children were excited to know that the vegetables were ready for harvesting! They learnt the technique of uprooting vegetables and worked together to harvest them.

Writing Thank You Cards

Though some of the children were still learning to write independently, this did not stop them from expressing their gratitude for those around them. It was truly heartwarming to see them drawing and decorating the Thank You cards!

Sharing the Fruits of Labors

The children packed the vegetables nicely in the lanyard bags that they weaved and gave them to the cleaning staff, teachers etc whom they wanted to show their appreciation to. Some of them also decided to bring it home to share with their families!

Thank you for journeying through this SSDB project with us! We hope our project has inspired you to make a difference and have a heart for giving and sharing. Afterall, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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