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MindChamps @Yio Chu Kang
16 May

MindChamps @ YCK: SSDB Launch Party and Learning Journey to SPCA

SSDB Launch with Earth Day

This term, Champs enquired about the theme ‘Animals and their Young’. We learnt about how all living things need to live on Earth, so we need to take good care of Earth. During Earth Day, each Champ brought home a pledge to do, i.e. ‘I will take care of plants and trees’. Then, to also launch our SSDB project on 22 Apr, we pledged to take care of the Earth and animals.

Learning Journey to SPCA

During class discussion, Champs discussed about how to take care of animals, such as the common pets they see in the park. They learnt that there are irresponsible pet owners who hit and throw away their pets, which prompted our Learning Journey to SPCA to learn more. 

At SPCA, we learnt about a pet’s needs and how to take good care of pets. In conclusion, they shared that they want to donate useful things to help the animals at SPCA, such as pee pads, newspaper, litters, and pet food. They also want to raise funds for SPCA because “Money is important to buy so many things, and also to pay the Rescue Officers, Care Officers and Vets at SPCA.”

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