Teacher Joy

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Joy
11 Sep 2021

Marvels of Nature: Rainbow 🌈

“Rainbow, rainbow

High and bright

Rainbow, rainbow

Made of light” 🎶🎵

Nursery 2 children learned to sing the song “Rainbow, rainbow” by Mother Goose Club, which is related to our lesson about Rainbow.

Aside from that, they also made a craft called “Rainbow Rock” where they coloured the pebbles using their favourite rainbow colours.

It was sad that they’re not able to go out to see an actual rainbow in the sky. Therefore, they conducted a simple walking water experiment, instead, where they make rainbow colours using the three primary colours only! It was exciting! You should try it as well! 😊

The children were awestruck about the sight of the rainbow. It’s made of light, and it gives children delight. What a wonderful nature we have. 🌈

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