Little Footprints Preschool (Punggol 168)

3 Aug

[March] Little Acts of Kindness - Water Conservation

Caring for our Environment

Continuing with their journey to show little acts of kindness, we discussed about water conservation in March. Especially during the pandemic when we are placing strong emphasis on personal hygiene. How can we conserve water and use it wisely as we carry out our personal hygiene routine?

Finding out more information

They learn through watching videos and reading up on books.

Conserving at home

We worked closely with the parents to further reinforce the importance of personal hygiene and water conservation. Photos of them in act at home were taken! 😊

Conserving in school

March also happened to be month to celebrate World Water Day hence the children were encouraged to bring 2 bottles of water from home and tried their best to use only the bottles they have collected as a class to wash their hands throughout the day.

Raising awareness to public

Lastly, the children also mapped out what they have learnt and made a video to encourage the public to conserve water too.

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