Ramos Ceferino Jay Patalitan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang West Blk 789 (KN)

Ramos Ceferino Jay Patalitan
31 Aug

Making Soap for the community-Part 2 (Finale)

A week before our centre’s National Day Celebration, the children brought home the soap which they have made in the classroom. They gave the soap to their neighbour and some even gave to the neighbourhood uncles and aunties whom they met along the way.

We collaborated with their parents in helping to capture those moments through photograph and sharing them with us on Littlelives Conversation.

MINDS Organisation too shared some photos with us of their clients and staff receiving the soap. This was after one of their representatives, Mr Azlan dropped by to collect the soap on their behalf.

The culmination of our SSDB Project was held on 7 August 2020, the day our centre celebrated National Day. We had a Zoom National Day Celebration cum SSDB Project Finale with parents, MINDS Organisation and children in the morning session. There was a National Day gainees were also ‘stressed’ to perform in front of everyone. But once finished, they couldn’t stop talking about it! They had fun! Thank you.”

We were so glad that our project’s objective in line with our nation’s National Day theme this year, ‘Together A Stronger Singapore’ has materialised. The children understand better why we should maintain good handwashing especially during this Covid-19 situation and in their own ways, spread the message to their community. This is truly a Start Small Dream Big Project which embraced the New Normal as we make the collaboration and the reaching out to the community from impossible into, I’M-POSSIBLE.

Do enjoy the continuation of our Soap making video and photos of the event. Look out for the secret message revealed in one of the photos too.

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