Faith Lim

Little Petals @ Symphony

Faith Lim
29 Aug 2018

Making a Difference starts from Us!

Little Petals Preschool organized a charity fund raising event for the Children Cancer Foundation in Jun 2018 as part of enabling our children embrace good values.

We reckoned sometimes, children and parents may not know how to go about getting involved in community work. Fundraising was thus a way of empowering them, allowing them to play a meaningful role in in our community.

Our parents welcomed our idea with open arms, many volunteered - baked cookies, contributed items for sale, set up games booths, helped at food and various other stalls and its heart-warming to see even grandparents were involved! In fact, one of our top game booths was the ‘’NERF Gun Stations’’ set up by our parents, managed by 3 generations in the family!

In the months leading up to the event, our teachers created awareness with the children helping them understand more about cancer patients and how their lives are different from ours. Through it, children learnt various values including empathy, respect, compassionate, inclusion and many more…not just for others around them but also for those unlike them.

We were touched to see about 80 volunteers from all walks of life came forward to help on the day. Adults and children thoroughly enjoyed the event, and some started giving ideas for subsequent years and reminded us to include them!

Y’all Everyone who took time out to join us that Saturday morning had a meaningful day and we hope that as you read this, you can also start thinking how you can also play a part in making our world a better place!

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