Noelle Ong


Noelle Ong
15 Nov 2023


As part of the Term 2 and 4’s EcoKids on ‘Zero Waste’ and ‘Food Packaging’, our K1 Investigators children explored on the different ways in reducing food wastage and its impact, as well as how to read the labels on different food packaging. 

Children then embarked on ‘President’s Challenge Start Small Dream Big 2023’ project, where we collaborated with the organisation, ‘Food from the Heart’. ​

‘Food from the heart’ kindly hosted a virtual talk to share with the children on how to donate right and how one can play his/ her part in making a food donation valuable to its beneficiaries. The talk aims to inculcate in children the values of giving, compassion and empathy. The children went on to share with the other children in school on their food drive donation, which we managed to collect plenty of food to bless the families in need! Kudos to our children! 👏🏻

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