Lam Caiyi, Michelle

Learning Vision @ Changi Airport

Lam Caiyi, Michelle
6 Jul 2018

LV@CA Exploring Gardening Mediums and Tools

After the launch party, the children started to work on their Start Small, Dream Big project. The children from different preschool levels got their hands messy while exploring with gardening mediums and tools.

Some teachers went for a gardening workshop to have a better understanding on the topic of gardening to impart knowledge and skills to our children. They learnt about the different benefits of herbs, types of soil medium, proper ways to care for plants and strategies to create a successful garden in our centre. After stringent budgeting and careful planning, we acquired some resources to enhance children’s learning experiences in their journey to giving back to society. We were also thankful for parents who encouraged us by contributing cucumber and tomato seedlings to our plant collection.

Children from preschool levels were given opportunities to familiarize themselves with the gardening tools and materials. With facilitation from their class teachers, the Nursery 2 got to explore with mixing soil mediums. They shared about the texture and colours of the different mediums and learned how the chosen mediums helps in planting.

Children from Kindergarten 1 built on their knowledge of gardening tools and helped transferred propagated plants into our school planter.

Kindergarten 2 children went straight into caring for plants, observing growth and plant propagation. They also practiced still drawing of plants as an initial observation of their eye-for-detail and prior understanding of plants.

What else will we be doing next? Stay tune!

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