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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 750 (KN)

Foo Soo Khuen
21 Dec 2022

Love My Family Love My Community (Story 6: Finale)

Date: 26th August 2022

A series of activities were planned to celebrate the Finale of the community project. The programme highlights focused on the understanding of the frontline heroes profession such as the doctors and nurses. They were: 

 1) Sharing by Frontline Heroes 

 2) Frontline Hero colouring and drawing 

 3) Sang the theme song, Showing Kindness Yes I will  

  1. Reflection journal 

 1) Sharing by Frontline Heroes

Two frontline heroes were invited to share their experiences with the children.

Nurse Dona (whose child is in our centre ), from National University Hospital, was invited to share in the morning session.

Dr. Loh and his team, from private practice were invited to share in the afternoon session.

  1. Frontline Heroes colouring and drawing

Children from K1, N2, N1 and Play Group coloured the printed frontline heroes. Whilst the K2 children drew a picture on the frontline heroes in particular the doctor and nurse .

  1. The children sang the theme song, Showing Kindness Yea I will with body actions.
  1. K1 and K2 children reflected on the SSDB projects and shared the things that they had learnt.

A goody bag was presented to Nurse Dona, Dr. Loh and his team. A picture titled Frontline Heroes by the K2 children was presented to them respectively.

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