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Foo Soo Khuen
21 Dec 2022

Love My Family Love My Community  (Story 1: Virtual Launch)

Date: 22nd April 2022

The theme for this year project is: Love My Family Love My Community

A series of activities were planned for the virtual launch. They were:

  1. Sharing of Kindness Booklet

  2. Watching Kindness puppet show 3) Sang the theme song

  3. Made Kindness Daisy 

 1) Sharing of Kindness booklet

The picture booklet featured different kindness acts to the people and the environment around us. Teachers shared the booklet with the children and reminded them to show kindness to the family, elderly, friends, neighbours, sick, community helpers, places around their home and the school.

  1. Watching Kindness puppet show

The teachers curated a puppet show titled Showing Kindness to My Friends.

Kindness Cubbies hand puppets from SKM (Singapore Kindness Movement) were used for the performance. They were Tomeo, Singa, Kalle, Sher and Tosh. The objective of the puppet show was to remind the children to show kindness to their friends by sharing resources and respecting them.

  1. Sang the theme song

Teachers and children sang the theme song, Showing Kindness Yes I Will, with body actions. Through the lyrics of the song, the children were reminded to show kindness to the family, friends and the Earth.

  1. Made Kindness Daisy

The Kindness Daisy was a token given to the beneficiaries. The children made the Kindness Daisy and presented them to their family, friend and neighbour .

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