Ms Suriaty

Little World Child Care and Development Centre Pte Ltd

Ms Suriaty
12 Sep 2023

Little World's Visit to Grace Lodge Nursing Home

The K2 children were looking forward to their trip to Grace Lodge Nursing Home on Friday, 25th August 2023. We brought along with us the 4 cartons of food products and will give them to Grace Lodge Nursing Home on behalf of our parents and children at Little World Child Care and Development Centre. We went there by private bus. The children were excited to perform for the residents. They presented 3 action songs;🎶 I Respect My Family by Families For Life, Skidamerink by Super Simple Songs and Ting Wo Shuo Xie Xie Ni by Ezy Mandarin.

They also enjoyed interacting and playing table games (such as threading, fixing of puzzles, building blocks and tangrams) with the residents too. Children showed empathy, care and kindness while interacting and communicating with one another.🥰

After packing our table games materials, a resident from Grace Lodge wanted to sing a special song for us. We were astonished by the gesture.🤗❤️

We ended our programme by presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Ranjit Singh (Nursing Director at Grace Lodge). We thanked him and his staff for creating an opportunity for our children to give back to society. We were happy to bring joy to all residents! 

It was such a memorable and meaningful day for all of us.❤️

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