Skool4Kidz @ Marsiling Drive

16 Aug 2017

Little steps can go a distance

In efforts to raise funds for the less fortunate children, the children and teachers came up with the idea of fund raising through selling their canvas artwork. The different class teachers discussed individually with their class children on what they wanted to draw. The children were constantly reminded that their drawings will help raise some funding to help the less fortunate children from Singapore children’s society. 

Brainstorming phase took a little longer and friends and teachers shared idea and technique used to create nicer paintings. Furthermore, parents also suggested some slogans which they might want to use for their creation, such as “Flowers need water to bloom”.

Finally, when the children were all excited to contribute in everyway possible, we started their art pieces creation.

The Nursery children had some help with traced artworks and painting for some of them. It was to ensure that the final product was what they wanted to show the buyers. 

The Kindergarten 1 class children incorporated the idea of water conservation and water mascot - Wally! Into their beautiful creation. The children also had a chance to use some of the different techniques of creating art pieces to showcase their abilities. 

The kindergarten 2 class children were creating more ‘Picasso’ art pieces based on fantasy and abstract art. Most of the creations were created independently with little to no help. However, the children did discuss about what they wanted to create before painting them out. 

One situation that was fascinating to the children in kindergarten two was that when the teacher suggested to use silver instead of the usual colours for the outline of the Ultraman. 

Some of the art pieces that the children had painstakingly created over a few weeks. It requires their patience and determination to create with extra caution as well as to complete it despite being time consuming. 

The final result was when children had their fund raising event where they promote their creations and parents choose whose painting the would purchase. Not all parents supported their own children’s art pieces but we were glad that overall about 90% of the paintings were sold. The earnings must have been beneficial to the Singapore Children Society in some way or another.

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