Red SchoolHouse @ Midview City

27 Sep 2022


For this year’s Start Small Dream Big Project, we talked to the children about The Salvation Army and what it does to help the underprivilege. We had a discussion with the children on the different ways to offer help to The Salvation Army: Sponsor a Child, Be a Volunteer, Donate goods and Donate Money. Part 1 of this project shows discussions ongoing and how the children would like to ask their family members to join in this project.

The category of Donation of Goods was chosen. We read an online article from The Straits Times and further discussions on what to give and what not to give went on.

What we should donate: Items that are in good condition; generally clothing, toys and household items.

What we should not donate: Items that are not useful, damaged, broken, torn or stained.

The children were involved in writing to their parents on what they would like to / how they want to help out in this project. 

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