Siti Nurulhasyiqin Binte Khamis

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 126 (DS)

Siti Nurulhasyiqin Binte Khamis
14 Aug 2020

Little Heroes Part 2

Our ‘Little Heroes’ journey has been fruitful and meaningful. After the launch party, we embarked on yet another learning expedition to allow the children to further deepen their understanding on the plight of our neighbouring countries during a flood. We strive for our children to develop empathy towards the flood victims and find ways to ease their situation as best as they can.

Videos on flood as well as support the victims require, were shown to the children. They were then given a chance to discuss about how much the victims’ lives are impacted by the flood. Children were also presented with the opportunity to share about their thought and feelings about the video.

Following suit, the children brainstormed ideas to assist in the victim’s situations. After a round of deliberation, the children proposed to provide assistance veering towards donations. The children role-played a donation scene to portray their goodwill towards the flood victims. Essential food and unused clothing were the finalized donations the children decided upon. With this effort too it also enabled the children to appreciate the front liners involved such as the social workers, military and medics.

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