MY World @ Tampines Changkat

15 Jul 2019

Little Green Hands @ work by MY World @ Tampines Changkat

For our SSDB launch this year, our centre decided to embark on a gardening project in collaboration with parents and community. 

After brainstorming with the children, the teachers came up with a table (action plan). 

The action plan is as follows:

  1. Workshop on indoor gardening for parents and teachers.

  2. Set up the indoor garden by children.

  3. Collection of materials.

  4. Planting for outdoor garden.

  5. Involving other class children for fundraising.

  6. Auction sale of paintings the by children.

  7. Excursion to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

  8. Looking after the outdoor garden.

  9. Making contribution to the community.

The children used the materials collected to plant seeds in little pots and they did it in pairs.

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