Sangeetha do Mohan

Little Footprints Preschool (Potong Pasir)

Sangeetha do Mohan
31 Aug 2021


We kick started our journey by introducing Start Small Dream Big and informing the children the purpose of it. Thereafter, we brainstormed some ideas and narrowed it down to foreign workers.

In the next session of SSDB, we discussed about foreign workers and prompted the children with questions such as ‘Who are foreign workers’, ‘Why are they here’ and were shown some pictures and videos for better understand. The children shared their thoughts and opinions. They decided to show some concern and appreciation for the foreign workers and threw out some ideas such as donating food, buying them drinks, making a thank you card for them etc.

Virtual Launch Party with parents to inform them about SSDB, our intervention and how they can play a part from home too. It was an interactive and engaging session. We shared some videos and informed parents that we are working closely with ‘It’s Raining Raincoats’ and shared a clip of the founder, Ms Dipa Swaminathan, as to how she began the organization. Prior to that, It’s Raining Raincoats assigned us a mentor to guide us through this project. We also invited a representative from It’s Raining Raincoats to share their experience and their involvement in the zoom session. 

Additionally, we had a blessing in disguise as one of the parents works at a construction site and shared his personal experiences with the foreign workers and provided us with better insights of the lives of the foreign workers. It gave us a better understanding and we were so fortunate to hear it from someone who has first hand experience. 

The founder of ‘It’s Raining Raincoats’, Ms Dipa Swaminathan

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