Ng Kok Weng

Nurturestars Preschool @ Safra Mount Faber

Ng Kok Weng
31 Aug 2017

Little Entrepreneur Programme, Save my world

Little Entrepreneur Programme, Save my world. The teachers, children and their parents visited Singapore River Safari and to learn more about the importance of the environment where the animals to live in. Back in school, teachers and children brainstormed ideas on how they can do their part to save the world. They had to think of what they want to make and sell during the LEP. Children gained first-hand experience and knowledge on how to think, work and manage a business like an entrepreneur. The children acquired many life skills as they plan, operate, and manage a little business in a realistic setting while honing their social skills. Children are aware that their little efforts in entrepreneurship will go the extra mile to help the less fortunate ones.

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