Siti Subaidah Binte Supandi

Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun

Siti Subaidah Binte Supandi
2 May 2023

Litter-Free Ambassadors

In this activity, the children explored and discussed about the importance of keeping the environment clean. They talked about the consequences of littering and identified the right place to throw rubbish. After the discussion, the children were engaged in a mission where they had to check the cleanliness of the school environment. They were divided into their small groups and were tasked to use a checklist to check on the cleanliness of the environment. They were also encouraged to pick up and gather the litter that were scattered in the area assigned.

The children went on a mission as Litter-Free Ambassadors to ensure that the school’s environment is litter-free. 

I see an empty can! Let me record this on my recording sheet. ~Abby

The children picked up and gathered the litter on the ground. 

After they were done with the outdoor activity, they went back to class to recap on the ‘cleanings mission’. Pledging to continue their mission in keeping the environment clean, the children created a ‘Litter-Free Ambassador’ badge for themselves. They held up their badges with pride at the end of the activity.

The children creating their ‘Litter-Free Ambassador’ badges. 

I pledge to keep the environment clean by throwing my litters in the bin! ~Ronen

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